OLAPTrader & Databricks

OLAPTrader Expands its Daily Technical Indicators Offerings through Integration with the Databricks Marketplace

Easton, PA. March 17, 2024
Daily Prices & Indicators | US Exchanges | AI Fact TableDaily Prices & Indicators | Asia Exchanges | AI Fact Table

OLAPTrader is proud to announce that, via our partnership with Databricks, we can now offer our two Flagship products to new customers on the Databricks Marketplace. These offerings includes Daily OHLCV, Metadata and over 180 Technical Indicators (330 with variations) for 12 US Stock Exchanges, and 9 Asia Exchanges. The collaboration enhances our ability to provide our Technical Indicators to a new customer base, and to demonstrate the value of our indicator data in terms of AI and multi-dimensional analysis.

“Databricks is pleased to add OLAPTrader to the Databricks Marketplace, enhancing our data offerings with their extensive Technical Indicators and Metadata for various stock exchanges. This partnership benefits our financial services clients by providing deep and comprehensive data for advanced financial analysis. This collaboration highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, actionable data to our users.”

– Jay Bhankharia, Sr Director of Data Partnerships

US Exchanges:
* BATS Exchange
* NASDAQ Stock Exchange
* NEW YORK Stock Exchange
* NYSE ARCA Exchange
* NYSE MKT Exchange (NYSE American)
* PINK Sheets

Asia Exchanges: 
* Bombay Stock Exchange
* Hong Kong Stock Exchange
* Korea Stock Exchange
* NSE India Exchange
* Saudi Arabia Exchange (Tadawul)
* Singapore Stock Exchange
* Shanghai Stock Exchange
* Shenzhen Stock Exchange
* Tokyo Stock Exchange

Our Data will be accessible via PySpark SQL tables. A sample notebook with various “Select” Statements is included to help you get started in exploring our datasets.

OLAPTrader was created for the purpose of compiling and analyzing technical indicator data using multi-dimensional analysis – also called online analytical processing or OLAP. Using our own home grown application which leverages third party financial functions and open source libraries, we compile over 180 technical indicators (330 with our variations), 15 Fibonacci Retracements/Projections, 17 Advance/Decline Indicators, and 100 Japanese Candlestick Patterns for over 20 US and international exchanges. We feel that when you understand the power of using mutually complimentary indicators and using dimensional analysis and historical data to find the best combinations, you give yourself a tremendous edge over other investors. With recent advances in AI, we believe that the technical indicator data that we provide is very well suited to be ingested and analyzed with AI tools, with a view towards increasing the probability of making an informed trade or investment.