Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Daily & Historical Market Data

Candlestick Patterns

Over 100 Daily and Historical Candlestick patterns across 45,000 tickers and 20 exchanges!

Technical Indicators

Over 230 Daily and Historical Technical Indicators across 45,000 tickers and 20 exchanges!

Fibs and Darvas Boxes

15 Fibonacci retracement and projection points as well as
Darvas Box calculations.

Amazon Data Exchange

historical data sets or end-of-day data

Do you want decades of historical technical indicator data, candlestick patterns, advance/decline indicators, fibonacci retracement and projection points? Or, do you want the same for EOD – for tens of thousands of tickers on a myriad of different exchanges?

EOD Coming SoonHistorical IndicatorsHistorical CandlesticksHistorical Fibonacci’sHistorical A/D Indicators

Our Exchanges

We pull in the daily OHLC + Volume and (if available) the ISIN # for the following exchanges and calculate over 180 Technical Indicators (230 with our variations), over 100 Japanese Candlestick patterns and 15 Fibonacci Retracements & Projections. We also have up to 50 years of historical data. Contact us if you need a different exchange.

BATS Exchange (ETF’s)
Bombay Stock Exchange
Crypto Currencies
Global Indices
Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Korea Stock Exchange
London Stock exchange
Nasdaq Stock Exchange
NSE India Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
NYSE MKT – NYSE American
Pink Sheets
Singapore Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Toronto NEO Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Toronto Venture Exchange

Purchase Historical Data

We hope to start selling historical data soon. We will then move towards a subscription-based format for distributing EOD data. Please bookmark us and check back later. 

Our philosophy

Using the power of OLAP to find the best combinations of technical indicators

MACD, RSI, Williams %R, Candlestick Patterns, Fibonacci Ratios? It’s all very confusing but when you understand the power of using mutually complimentary indicators, based on historical performance, you give yourself a tremendous edge over other investors.

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Our Indicators


Our Candles


Technical Indicator Descriptions


Candlestick Pattern Descriptions


Fibonacci Projections/Retracements


Darvas Boxes



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I was looking for historical technical indicators, specifically Price Channels and Bollinger Bands for all AMEX tickers for many years and the people at Olaptrader were able to do a custom extract for me and deliver the results to me in an easy to use .csv. I really appreciate what they did.

Nancy Lauterbach

I had a college project where I was asked to find historical data for some esoteric technical indicators and I found that olaptrader were able get me 20 years of darvas boxes for all tickers on the Nasdaq. Exactly what I was looking for.

Lucy Pratt

We use our own in house algorithms for backtesting technical indicators but we didn’t have nearly the # of indicators that Olaptrader offers. We purchased a dataset of indicators that included VIDYA, STIX, r squared and many others that we frankly didn’t even know existed. Very happy with their offerings.

John Morgan


Download samples

Historical OHLCV,  Metadata, Indicators, Japanese Candlesticks, Fibonacci Projections/Retracements (MSFT) | Advance/Decline Indicators for the S&P 500 Index | Spreads (Variance) between Gold/Silver

IndicatorsCandlesticksFibonacci’sAdvance/Decline IndicatorsSpreads

Our Team

Dedicated to making sure you get the most comprehensive Daily and Historical Technical Indicator data possible and working hard on using new AI tools and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) to find the best combinations of complimentary indicators to help you make better trades!

Shiela Pataling

Vice President

Shiela brings to the team an impressive mastery of web design and over 15 years of experience in financial markets. We are very lucky to have her!

Robert Broas


With over 23 years experience in the IT industry, Robert brings his impressive skill set to to the table. His Amazon Cloud experience and knowledge of technical indicators is well suited to the task of compiling and analyzing daily and historical market datasets.

Nancy Bach

Chief Marketing Strategist

Nancy comes to us from Madrigal Transport where she spent 20 years developing and fine tuning their Marketing campaigns.

Donald Sinclair

Lead Developer and DBA

Donald brings over 20 years of VB, C#, .NET, Python, SQL Server and SSIS experience to the table. He has been invaluable in leveraging 3rd party libraries in order to build a custom technical indicator/candlestick generation application. 

Contact us -after we are live

Feel free to reach out to us with any issues you may encounter or if you have a special request such as calculating candlesticks, indicators, fibonacci projections etc…, for other exchanges.